Arranged Marriage and Love Marriage: PS its Marriage after all!

Arranged Marriage and Love Marriage: PS its Marriage after all!

It’s been observed that people make a lot of baseless comparisons between arranged marriage and love marriage. Some people say that love marriages are bad; some say arranged marriages are bad and vice-versa. Believe me if you can but it’s all marriage in the end and none of the aspects- Love or Arranged help once you are married. So lets check out

Adjusting with In Laws is a Problem

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If you have a problem adjusting with your in laws in case of love marriage, who says arranged marriage guarantees an adjusting Saasu Maa? Well there is no guarantee anywhere. Your Saasu Maa can be good or bad depending on circumstances and let’s face it guys, your own mother is only supposed to take your tantrums in her stride. Rests of all people are never supposed to do that.

Moral of the story: Respect and love your mothers. They are the best! Sob! Sob!

Your Social Life is impacted big time

Friends, parties, night-outs all have become the things of the past. Well yes, this is not because you got love-married or arranged-married. It is majorly because you got married.  Now you are expected to be with your respective spouses for most of the time. And regarding friends, it depends on how you present your friends to your spouse and how he or she accepts them in your life. Didn’t think or try this way? Well then try again!

Your way of holidaying is gone!

Well again, this is not about love marriage or arranged marriage, it is about marriage and companionship. You went alone to far flung places and enjoyed yourself. Now what has changed is that you need to take your spouse along. But you still can enjoy the place, so what has changed is basically your attitude – change it!

Your freedom to be out entire night is over


Agreed! This is definitely not with you now but what about a total night out with your spouse along? You might want to enjoy this experience as well since the person definitely would want to spend his or her time with you. So how about discussing it and planning it out?

So at last the conclusion is:
That it is a mental block that we humans have. We always see the greener patches but forget the concept of mirage.

What we see as a bad thing for our life might be a good thing from someone else’s perspective. It’s all in the mind is what the right thought.

Extension activity:

‘You get married, then you fall in love.’

‘You fall in love, then get married.’

‘It possible to love someone from afar due to the good you’ve heard, then marriage just strengthens that bond.’

‘Is not marriage about commitment, responsibility, respect and building a family together? Surely all of that makes a loving marriage, and you grow to love and respect one another.’

Think about each of these statements. In each case, think about what you would base your marriage and happiness on?


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