Reasons why every guy must have a girl best friend

Reasons why every guy must have a girl best friend

A girl-boy relationship is the reason this world exists, we all know that. But often this relationship is valued only if it is of a husband and wife or a brother or a sister. Rest all relationships often die a natural death given the society’s sick beliefs that a girl and a boy can seldom be friends.

But defying this sadistic rule, there are many people who advocate the friendship with opposite sex as it is healthy and good.

There are many reasons why a guy should have a girl best friend and by the end of the post maybe you would also vouch for it and go back to your long lost friend!

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Reason 1 – Having a girl as best friend gives you a sense of how women want men to behave

If you are a guy who has an attitude problem or somehow you feel shy whilst amongst women, your best friend could come in handy in making you comfortable by telling you how to behave.

Reason 2 – Your girl best friend would come in handy when you want to know how your special woman would behave

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From proposing your girlfriend to taking her on a first date, your girl best friend would be the best cheat sheet to go for. She would be able to give you a fair idea on how women want their men to be.

Reason 3 – Your girl best friend is the one you can share all your talks with

There are no barriers to your discussion with your girl best friend. She can share everything you want to without having to worry about offending her like is the case with your girlfriend.

Reason 4 – She can give you real time reaction on all your actions


You can expect a real time check on all your actions, she can correct you then and there and give you the right predicament.

Reason 5 – You can trust your girl best friend for a good fashion sense

Let’s accept it. Guys do not really possess a good fashion sense. Even if they do, they require a girl’s feedback or assistance to be confident and this is where your girl best friend comes into picture.

Reason 6 – She does not expect a return

You can continue to have her with you all the time without expecting anything from you. She won’t demand your time, your company too.

Reason 7 – You got to trust her advice

She knows all about you and so she would be the best person to take advice from for almost everything. You, your relationships, your career, she can help you out the best.

Reason 8 – You need a punching bag for your sorrows too

Well, guys are never easy to admit this but they also have heart aches which need a girl’s shoulder. Your girl best friend can be the best pep-o-meter for you.

Reason 9 – Girls handle emptions way better than guys

Deal with it! Guys can never provide you with good emotional advice or support. It has to be your girl best friend to hold you when you are in a trauma this way.

Reason 10 – You can be you with her

The biggest reason to have a girl best friend is to have the feeling of being you. No formalities, no hesitance, just you being you and she being her.


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