10 Habits You Should Build For A Strong Romantic Relationship

10 Habits You Should Build For A Strong Romantic Relationship

Habits make you or break you. Having an equal share in building relationships, certain practices can help you endure long-lasting ones; while some might leave you hopping from one association to another. You might wonder, but certain daily habits go a long way to keep the romantic quotient alive.

There are no laws to abide by and no generalized success mantra to make your relationship last forever, but there are a few things that undoubtedly work for the couples in the game of love. Read on to know the variety of ingredients for a healthy romantic recipe.

PS: Bullet points to keep in mind – there are more do’s than dont’s.

#1. Date nights: Don’t miss on these.

date nights

Add a lil spice to your typical mundane routine. A relationship should never lack on the excitement factor at any point. Try to take some time out from your busy lives to be together.

#2. Bed time or wake up time: Either or both should be common.

Make sure to cuddle your love the first thing in the morning and follow a good night kiss ritual religiously. In case, you can’t do both, ensure at least one of the two is on your daily list.

If your working hours do not permit you, ummm… resort to PDAs then :).

#3. Fight Resolution tricks: Treat them as your favorite mobile app!

There must be ways to handle your partner’s tantrums (if at all there are!) or reactions; some tried tips would be applicable in every situation. Frame a mechanism to deal with those moments.

Make sure neither of you goes to bed unhappy or upset. Call it a day only when everything seems to be settled and in place.

#4. Flirt, flirt and flirt: Keep it going.

Flirting by default is the most obvious and natural way of showing your partner that you are still interested.

Be playful and bubbly; it keeps the spark alive.

#5. Household chores: Make them a joint venture.

Definitely not the most fun task to do, but since those are unavoidable; they are significant. Do the dishes together or maybe the laundry. It’s all about partnership. An excellent way to keep the deal working.

#6. Travel: Discover a new place to discover a new you.


Traveling helps you discover a whole new range of emotions. You might end up discerning an altogether different face of your SO while on a trip.

#7. Compliments: Liked by all, irrespective of the gender.

No, it’s not only the female bandwagon; even males feel the adrenaline rush when praised. It’s a human need. When you compliment your partner, you unknowingly boost up your SO’s morale and self-esteem.

#8. Celebrate: Look for even the not so big moments.

Celebrating with each other rekindles the feeling of being together. It’s like renewing your contract. It is a reminder that you have someone to share your achievements with. Enjoy!

#9. Trust & transparency: The building blocks.

The most important part of a relationship is honesty. An open and free communication is the key to solve all your problems. Be upfront in putting forth your opinion and choices. If a reasonable level of understanding is developed between you too, you will need each other more than anyone else.


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